Enhance The Security With Advanced Smart Locks

Many people in Mississippi still use the regular locks and face inconvenience in opening the lock when they come back home carrying groceries. Regular locks also pose a risk of robbery as they are easy to break. So, it is time to update the locks and go for advanced locking systems. These locks offer you a lot of convenience as you can check your lock status from your mobile phone.

If you want to change your ordinary locks with smart locks, there are many locksmiths in Jackson, MS available. They will give you the best services with the latest technologies and advancement. All smart locks are not the same. There are many options available. So, let’s take a look at some smart locks that will make your purchase one much easier.

Bluetooth smart locks:

These are the most commonly used smart locks because they don’t run on battery. You do not need to change the batteries again and again. With Bluetooth technology, batteries can last for years. The Bluetooth range is limited to 300 feet. It is much easier for you to access your lock from a distance while you are at home. Your Bluetooth locks are connected with your smartphones or tablets, so you do not need any hub device to act as a translator.

Z-Wave smart locks:

Z-wave locks do not connect directly with your phones. They need a Z-wave compatible hub to connect with your locks. The hub will translate the lock’s Z-wave signal into something that your router is able to understand. Once it is done you can connect your lock from anywhere. The range of z-wave locks is about 120 feet and the maximum ranges up to 600 feet.